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  2. The crew at Milliframe bumped into an amazing artist whose idea was an achievement in thought but that possibility of it working seemed twice as farfetched. Weeks later the idea of 365 logos, each day for an entire year while bizarre in its technicality became something genius in today’s pay-me now generation. We sat down with the young and mighty Daniel Capri, and his start-up Kirxov.

    Who are you?

    My name is Daniel Capri, and I’m a 24 year old visual artist based in Querétaro México.

    Who or what is your inspiration? 

    There are tons of things that inspires me daily, but I guess those projects that reflect the freedom of the artist involved in it are the ones that really grab my attention. Frankly when I design, music is my main source of inspiration. I’m obsessed with James Blake right now, and a guy called Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq) who does what I call ‘really cool visual music’. It is easy to design or be creative when you surround yourself with great art, so I try to see at the least one hour of visual stuff daily on the internet, from short films to graphic design projects. It really helps you to educate your eye. Another great inspiration is Feng Zhu, an illustrator that has a Design School in Singapore (FZD School of Design). He does tons of videos and uploads some tutorials in youtube, and even if I’m not an illustrator, his concepts of art and technique have open my boundaries on what i can achieve with dedication and practice. I love some animators too, like Beeple and Eran Hilleli. But to be honest the most inspiring thing for me is The Lord of the Rings movies, and Star Wars. 

    What is your art background?

    My family is full of artists. My mother is a guitarist, and my father is a painter/graphic designer. My brother is a pianist. So since I was a kid, my house has always been full inspiration like jazz and classical music and Drawings everywhere. The cool thing about it is that you learn to absorb art as a natural thing. You grow in an art environment, so you don’t see it in a pretentious way. I can’t stand people that try too hard to ‘understand’ art or became artists. Art is not a label for something unnatural that only few people can do. For me, art should be intuitive, and most importantly: honest. When I was 12 years old, During my summer vacations my parents ‘forced me’ to work in the graphic design agency that my father owned. They didn’t give me some ‘exercise work’, I was there trying to solve real client problems from my computer. That was the best experience to have endured, because clients didn’t have a clue that a 12 year old kid was doing their logos, and that gave me the confidence to do something related to art without caring about my age. I returned the next summer and so on. Those summers working were the best lessons I could have ever have on art and business. When I finished high school I went to study photography, and then I became a freelance artist. Since then, it has been a thrill ride because now,  I’m building my own agency.

    What made you create the a amazing yet difficult ‘365 Logos’ project? 

    One of the most difficult things when you are a freelance is getting clients. And then when you have them and you want to establish a company you start to see how time start to consume you. So then, the personal projects (which are the ones that actually make you grow as an artist) start to fade out because you don’t longer have time to do them. This project started as a personal one, with the idea that I needed to practice in order to be better. One day I told myself: “if you want to be the best, you just have to design everyday”. That’s how it started. But then, I realized that I could help other people through this, offering the results of my own lessons for free. I have received some negative comments claiming that I’m not helping the industry giving away some free logos because in some way they think I’m not respecting the graphic designers that do logos for a living. The thing is that, I also do logos for a living. The rest of the day I spent it working and the time I use for this project is nothing compared to the time I use for my work. It has been a challenging one, because obviously there are days that are hard and there are some hard projects. But so far, it has been a great experience since I’ve helped some cool persons and most importantly it has truly developed my technique as a designer. 

    Is there a philosophy to your method and/or style? 

    When I finish something I just ask myself one question: would I use that for my brand? If the answer is yes, then I know my work is finished. If the answer is no, I try to solve the problem and redesign or redo the project. That’s one of the best things I’ve learned in all these years: In art, you have to trust your guts. It is as simple as that. As I said, for me art should be honest. You can’t do art that emulates some other artist, because you are like no one in the world. Art should resemble yourself. So the best thing to do, is to be confident in your taste and be true to them. Obviously there are trends in art, and I can’t claim that I have a completely original style that no one has. My art as myself is just the combination of things I do, I see, I hear. But in the end you just have to find your own way of doing it, and in the end is more about the process than the final result. If you can be 8 hours in front of your screen designing something and you have a blast doing it, I think that’s the point when you say to yourself: I’m an artist. 

    For more on project please visit -  https://www.behance.net/gallery/14290027/365-Logos

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